Cafe Marlett is my favorite eating
spot in the house, with an ever
changing variety of my paintings
on the wall.
I'm often asked how I display my
paintings in my home, so I thought
that I'd show a few areas here on
my website.

Actually every room of my house
has my work somewhere i.e.
tables,  walls, and even the floor.

I believe that paintings embellish the
personality of any given room, and
make a house a home.
'Heavenly Feather' is
my Pastel work on
the left... and just
underneath is a
headboard with
cameo relief of an
Angel which I carved
about twenty five
years ago.
On the floor is my
canvas acrylic of a
Cabin in the Woods
entitled: Hideaway.   
And to the left (as
many who know me,
also know that I sculpt
gems and minerals), is
a very large Amethyst
Above... a few of my
smaller paintings, and on
the floor are a few of the
Children's Books which I
have published.
Two of my
larger canvas
paintings on
either side of
the mirror, and
assorted gem
and mineral
sculptings of
(on the mantle)
As a departure from most of today's professional artists... I developed natural drawing skills at an early age, and decided never to be swayed
by the traditional erudites of art education.  In short, I dance to my own drummer.  I opt for the non-pretentious beauty of that which touches
my soul.
My art precept is simple...
"Everything in life is a challenge.  View it this way and it's pan bread, view it that way, and it's sourdough...
Just make it work!"
William Paul Marlette has been selling his art for over forty years.  His credo from the beginning:  "An
Artist should be without limitations".   And it shows in his diverse selections of: Acrylics, Oil Pastels, Air
Brush, Chalks, Conte', Leads, Stone Sculptings, Gem and Mineral Cutting, Carvings/Relief,
Carvings/Sculptings... and even his published newspaper cartoons, and Childrens Book Illustrations!
My N.Y. Home & Lake Erie Home...   
click any photo to enlarge)
Note:  William Paul has founded and established thirteen separate and successful businesses over a forty five year period.   The crown jewel being
the 'Town of Dry Gulch' Gem Mine, which he single handedly designed,  built, and operated for tens of thousands of children and families alike.  
Please feel free to visit the site:
To the right...
'Barbara's World'
Acrylic on Canvas
in the Great Room
Above are a few of my
prints that are located
around the fireplace
Large Canvas of my
painting entitled 'Serene'.
Directly outside the Living
Room Picture  Window is
Lake Erie... Its famous
sunsets inspired this
"Hidden Cabin"